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Build & Maintain Lean Muscle

23.2g of Protein Per Serving to support your exercise & recovery needs

Grass-Fed + Pasture Raised

The Quality You Deserve from sources you can trust

Digestive Power-Up

2.8g of gut-health-boosting Glutamine in EVERY SERVING

Supports Joints, Skin, Hair, & Nails

Rich in collagen protein, supportive of not just gut health but hair, skin, nails, and joints.

No Artificial JUNK!

With only REAL Cocoa Powder & powered by six simple ingredients.

Raving Reviews for AncestralFUEL™

Stock up on Gut Healthy Bone Broth Collagen

with “Nothing Inside-To-Hide”
Full Disclosure Labeling

What makes ANCESTRAL FUEL Different?

ANCESTRAL FUEL is expertly crafted to support your muscle-building goals and digestive health:

We do this with our unique Animal-Based Complex™ that fuses Beef, Bone Broth, and & Egg Whites, to create a protein complex unlike any other: Rich in amino acids targeted directly towards improving your digestive health while supporting your muscle-building goals. 


The Highest Quality Grass-Fed & Pastured-Raised Beef Protein, allergen-free and easy to digest.


Rich in Collagen & Glutamine, which are like power-ups for your gut health, hair, skin, nails, & more.

Egg Whites

Low in calories, High in protein, eggs are easily digested + rich in muscle building amino acids.

Cocoa Powder

We use only real Cocoa Powder to flavor our protein, leading to best-in-class taste and quality.

Himalayan Pink Salt

An electrolyte boost from Himalayan pink sea salt helps balance pH levels and support digestive health.

Monk Fruit Extract

An all-natural sweetener superior in taste to stevia, anti-inflammatory, and zero-calorie.

Most protein powders focus on flashy marketing, high-powered unnatural flavors, and label stat stuffing. Ancestral Fuel is the exact opposite.

With a simple blend of six ingredients, it is one of the cleanest proteins on the market.

We use an animal-only protein blend, making for a dairy-free and amino-acid rich nutrient profile that is finely tuned to support muscle-building goals AND your gut health journey.

Our protein blend is also rich in Glutamine, Glycine, and Collagen proteins, making it rich support for your gut lining.

Lastly, we don’t use any “natural” flavors because, spoiler alert, they aren’t natural, and rather, flavor Ancestral Fuel with REAL cocoa powder.

While other proteins hide behind unsavory proprietary protein blends and unnatural flavoring, emulsifying, and solubility ingredients (ingredients that make it taste good and mix good at the expense of purity), we focused 100% on the quality of the product.

Our proteins are the highest quality we could source, and our flavoring is made with over 5g by weight of REAL cocoa powder. The result is a product that, while more expensive than some of its competitors, is the price it is for a reason: quality.

Our first flavor is ‘Man Discovers Chocolate’, a rich and dark chocolate flavor that is slightly salty and made with real ingredients only.

Since the FDA hasn’t officially defined this term, it can be used to describe almost any type of flavoring compound, so long as it “originates” from nature.

Members of the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA), a trade group that evaluates the safety of flavor additives in the United States, have been criticized by nutrition experts and public interest groups for not disclosing safety data on natural flavors.

Given the number of chemicals that may be part of a natural flavor mixture, adverse reactions may be possible.

Lastly, we believe that real ingredients make the best flavors, and so Ancestral Fuel Man Discovers Chocolate uses ONLY real cocoa powder to flavor our product. The result is a rich, REAL cocoa flavor that is second to none in terms of flavor AND quality.

“But What if I Hate it?” No problem.

Our 100% Money-Back ‘Good As Gold‘ Guarantee means there’s ZERO risk for you.

If within 30 days you are unsatisfied with ANCESTRAL FUEL, we’ll give you back 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Plus you don’t even need to send back the protein. Who has time for returns, anyway?

Simply call or email to begin the process.


“Ancestral Fuel is the best protein I’ve ever found.

Its ultra-premium, grass-fed, pastured protein with collagen gives me the fuel I want to not only build muscle, but also optimize my gut, joint, bone, and skin health.

And unlike a lot of other proteins on the market where you have to worry about ‘what else is in it,’ with only six ingredients, Ancestral Fuel eliminates those worries.

And it tastes delicious! With my passions and values around optimizing my health and fitness, Ancestral Fuel has earned my loyalty!”

“But What if I Hate it?” No problem.

Our 100% Money Back ‘Good As Gold‘ Guarantee means there’s ZERO risk for you.

If within 30 days you are unsatisfied with ANCESTRAL FUEL, we’ll give you back 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Plus you don’t even need to send back the protein. Who has time for returns, anyway?

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Thanks to your incredible support, we are officially sold out of AncestralFUEL.

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  • – More Collagen Per Serving
  • – More Goodies & Surprises…

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